All individuals entered in the competition are required to sign a smokefree declaration. This declaration is a contract with the SFPB production team and is a way of ensuring that all bands adhere to the smokefree kaupapa.

These declarations are included in the entry process of the competition you will either find yours in the entry pack sent out to your manager or at one of our live events. Please read below for the declarations wording;

Smokefree supports Smokefree Pacifica Beats in order to give emerging musicians the chance to play their tunes to people around the country. Smokefree Pacifica Beats groups are the essence of the event and we ask that you respect the smokefree status of the event.

As an entrant, I understand that for interviews, heats, regional finals, the National Final, press conferences and TV or radio appearances, it is a requirement for me to be smokefree and drugfree. If I, or any of my group members, fail to comply with this declaration, it will result in the group’s immediate exclusion from all parts of this event.