If you’re serious about winning then your performance must feature at least ONE of the four possible cultural elements.

These elements are part of the competition because a big part of the kaupapa of SFPB is about supporting and promoting Maori and Pacific language and culture. We wanted to look at ways to mix it in with contemporary music and these elements are our way of encouraging you to try it out.  

So, when you’re putting the performance together, writing and rehearsing your songs – try to think about natural ways to include the elements you’ve chosen, don’t just write an extra verse and tack it on the end – have some fun with it, try some new things… get creative with your songwriting.

1. LANGUAGE - at least 25% of any chosen Maori or Pacific language

2. SOUND - a traditional instrument from Aotearoa and the Pacific e.g. taonga puoro, drums, ukulele, conch etc.

3. ACTION - traditional movement, dance and/or action from Aotearoa and the Pacific e.g. haka, poi, siva, hula etc.

4. IDENTITY – a use of lyrics or a style/flavour that reflects Maori and Pacific cultures.