Smokefree Pacifica Beats has many pathways towards being crowned our NATIONAL Champions. The following are the stages you will have to go through on your way to the top in 2016:


Enter - easy really, click any of the “Enter” buttons on this site and carefully follow the instructions through the online entry form; you have to be in to WIN!.(See terms and conditions for definitions) Make sure you enter by the 9th of May.


a.  Regional SFPB Awards at Smokefreerockquest - Every region has a Regional Final, and any act whose performance qualifies for SFPB is in line for this Award. The Top regional act will get $300 musical equipment from the Rockshop and will be shortlisted for the National Final.

b.  Acts who don't wish to perform at SFRQ, or who are unable to get to an SFRQ Regional Final, or who wish to perform a different song for each competition, can enter via Video Submission. There will be prizes and shortlisting for the National Final for these entries too.

c. Auckland is the only region where there will be a dedicated SFPB regional events  -  Heats and Finals. For the heats process, which will be about 2 weeks prior, one song is to be performed.

Auckland Regional Final- will start at 7pm. Acts will have 7 minutes performance time (we will be counting, sorry!) to dazzle and amaze their audience and panel of judges. From here, the regional prizewinners are selected. The Top 3 bands and top solo/duo act go into the National Final Selection shortlist.


Once all video submissions are complete, the Top Bands and the solo/duos  will go into the National Final Selection shortlist, along side video footage of the top acts at Regional final events .  This shortlist will then be re-judged  from the footage by a panel of Industry Heavyweights, who will select the National Finalists.


Once the judges have chosen their Top 6 and 1 solo/duo artist, they will be notified, and the results being posted on our website and Facebook page. National finalists will all receive mentoring from a current well known musician, as part of the Band Mentoring Programme.


National Final - The acts chosen to perform at the National Final will have 9 minutes (two songs). This is the time to really give it your all. Along with the wicked prizes up for grabs, the pride of being crowned a National Champion Band is within Reach.


The Winners! - Well it's not really a stage, but there are a few things to do if you WIN either category - like make a music video and record your song.

Well, that's how Smokefree Pacifica Beats works. Go out there and Practice, Practice, Practice....Write, Write, Write. It will be worth it. It's better to be'll have a heap more fun. Remember - if you don't win it's not the end of the world, some of the biggest names in New Zealand Music haven't won Smokefree Pacifica Beats, but they have used it as a time and place to learn, develop, and refine their craft and skills. Music will mean different things to different people. Have fun!